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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into effect on the 25th of May 2018 radically changing our approach to processing personal data. With less than six months remaining, we know you’re in the midst of GDPR preparations updating and/or replacing the ways in which you collect, process or control personally identifiable data. We hope this article helps to ease this process by answering some of your probing IT (GDPR related) questions.

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What is Personal Data? Definition 
(Source: CNIL Website)

“According to the law, personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual; an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number (e.g. social security number) or one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity (e.g. name and first name, date of birth, biometrics data, fingerprints, DNA…)”

Other Examples of Personally Identifiable Data Include:

  • Email Address
  • Medical Information
  • Bank Details
  • IP Address
  • Cultural Identity
  • National Insurance Number, etc.

Your IT hardware, software, processes and strategies are key to ensuring your sensitive data remains protected. As an experienced IT Support Provider, Compucare can identify IT threats and ensure your systems are resilient in the light of GDPR requirements. We can support your organisation in such key areas as: data encryption, data backup, firewall, anti-virus and other security services, breach notifications and more.

When GDPR becomes effective organisations must be able to discover, manage and share data belonging to their customers, employees, donors, etc. The above mentioned individuals will be entitled to require answers relating to how much information you hold about them and how it’s being used. Most likely, you’re already using certain IT solutions which can assist your organisation in discovering, managing, protecting and reporting data. For example, it is a legal requirement that all organisations create procedures to limit who has got access to shared files hosted on various platforms e.g. Dropbox or SharePoint. However, please contact us if you’re not sure what IT solutions you already have, or may need to put in place by the 25th of May 2018.

Additional IT (GDPR related) Tips for Your Organisation

  • Make sure your staff are adequately trained:

From an IT compliance perspective, your employees must be able to recognise some of the main threats and/or data breaches. Quite often, breaches occur due to employee errors, hence staff need to be sufficiently educated.  Please subscribe Right Here and receive our free “How to Spot a Malicious Email” Guide.

  • Take advantage of strong passwords:

If your passwords are easy to guess, your systems will be open to data breaches. Make use of upper and lower case letters, numbers and/or symbols when creating passwords.

  • Encrypt all portable devices:

Make sure all portable devices (such as memory sticks, tablets, laptops) used to store personal information are encrypted.

Lastly, we want to encourage you to get in touch with Compucare, so we can review your IT support plan helping you align with GDPR requirements. Having said that, even if you’re already GDPR compliant, this might be a good time to review your cyber security status. Please refer to our recent blog post: Are SMEs too Small to become Cyber Attack Victims? 

Many small businesses these days are using outsourced IT support in London or elsewhere to help them deal with all of their computer-based operations. This is because outsourced IT support can provide several key advantages that are especially favourable to small businesses:

Outsourced IT support can provide small businesses with significant financial benefits such as reduced staff expenditure, as well as bulk purchasing and leasing options for hardware, software and software licenses.

Because of the nature of their work, outsourced IT contractors only recruit staff that have specific qualifications and certifications. This can often be in stark contrast to some small businesses who simply use staff members who “know a bit about computers” to take care of all their IT issues.

Outsourced IT contractors have a wealth of resources to help them deal with all manner of issues, problems and eventualities. Sadly, very few small businesses are able to match these resources and capabilities.

Happier Employees
Using an outsourced IT company can allow staff members that are tasked to be “the computer guy” to go back to doing the full-time job they were actually hired to do. This will allow them to concentrate on their designated role and not be interrupted every time an IT based problem arises.

Recent editorial from croydon advertiser 19/08/2011

WHILE the riots have spelled disaster for many businesses, they have seen a rapid increase in demand for the services of a Kenley-based computer support company.

Compucare Systems Ltd, of Lower Road, is celebrating its 21st year in business and as part of the anniversary year is pushing its services to small and medium sized companies, concentrating on its disaster recovery software package.

The package involves providing companies with an off-site duplicate system which can be brought into operation if the firm’s original system is wiped out by something like a fire.

The software enables a company’s computer system to be up and running again in two hours.

Simon Elias, Compucare’s sales director, said: “Disaster recovery has been the big thing for some time and we have been pushing it hard with clients.

“But since the riots we have been inundated with calls from firms both inside and outside Croydon who want to find out more about disaster recovery.

“These are mainly from companies who are concerned they could lose their computer systems if trouble occurs again.”

Compucare was started by partners Norman Clarke and Marie Pyne, concentrating originally on building computer systems.

But, said Mr Elias, as it faced increasing competition from the “big boys” like Dell, it was decided to branch out into the IT support business offering a helpdesk service, web design and more recently helping companies with app development.

Mr Elias said: “Business owners need to realise that in order for their businesses to survive and even thrive in these times, their IT infrastructure needs to be reliable and providing the functionality needed to service their clients in whatever area of business, while safeguarding their most valuable asset, data.”

Call Compucare Systems for a disaster recovery solution and protect your business 0208 660 3666