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cementery jpegDid you know that your 2007 platform will stop functioning by the 31st of October 2017? If you’re still using Office 2007 or Outlook 2007, you need to know that it will no longer be supported.

When this change becomes effective Outlook 2007 and earlier versions will be unable to connect to Office 365 mailboxes, hence you will be unable to send or receive e-mails without logging into the web portal. Also, there will be no security updates & Microsoft will not address any software related issues. To maintain connectivity you will need to either upgrade to a newer version of Outlook, or once again, you’ll be forced to use Outlook on the web which is much less user-friendly.

If you think you have Outlook 2007 /Office 2007 and need help to upgrade contact us. We’ll be happy to provide a cost list and a free IT consultation. Registered charities get a discounted/minimal price for software upgrades whereas businesses simply need to choose the most economical option.

Although there’s still some time until the end of October it’s really important to decide on the plan of action to avoid future interruption.  Why must Outlook 2007 be discontinued? Microsoft gives a number of reasons, and mentions that newer versions of Outlook could also be affected. To find out more, or if you’re interested in technical details please click here.

In conclusion, where there is a problem there’s always a solution. Hence, if you think you might be affected and don’t have appropriate technical support in place get in touch with Compucare. While you take care of business as usual we will take care of IT bits for you!

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If you’re an SME or a charity decision maker in need of help with the upgrade, please get in touch.


Image from www.pixabay.comAt this time, Windows 10 Pro Upgrade is free, however by the 29th of July it will no longer be!

Reportedly, Windows 10 is the last platform that will be introduced by Microsoft, hence all other third party software will be based on that.

The benefits of Windows 10 Pro¹:

  1. New Start Menu – The new Start Menu is smarter than the one in Windows 8 and 8.1. It recognizes if you are using a desktop computer or a tablet and presents you with a Start Menu that is adapted for the environment which you are using. It is even smart enough to work with convertible tablet that docks with a keyboard, intelligently shifting between tablet mode and desktop mode on-the-fly.
  2. Cortana – Cortana is Microsoft’s new virtual assistant. If you need to know something, just ask. She will be able to initiate calls, schedule reminders, set alarms, check calendars, and do many other things, all with the power of voice. She can even be asked to search for items on your computer.
  3. Notifications – Notifications have been enhanced, compared to Windows 8. There is now an Action Centre you can pull out from the side to see past notifications that you might not have caught when they first appeared.
  4. Unified Control Panel – The new panel that presents all of your settings is now the same whether you are using a desktop computer or tablet. There is no separate view for each mode. This should make things easier to find, no matter what device you are using.
  5. Intelligent Home Folder – Now when you launch a new Explorer Window you will be greeted by a row of familiar folders you tend to use often, plus a line-up of recently created and opened files, making it easier to find the things you use often. That file that you just saved, but now you can not find, just open a new Explorer Window and it should appear.
  6. Boot to Desktop – Windows 10 now boots straight to a desktop mode. No more Start Page.
  7. Virtual Desktops – This feature has appeared in other operating systems for a long time, and it is now a welcome feature in Windows 10. If you have always wanted the features of multiple monitors without the cost, this is one way to achieve it. You will be able to quickly switch between virtual desktops and move applications from one desktop to another.
  8. Metro Desktop Apps – Metro apps can now be ran in resizable windows that can be moved around the desktop, just like any other window. No more having to snap a Metro app beside a the desktop just to use it.
  9. Universal Apps – Apps from the new Windows Store will run on anything from a Windows Phone to Windows Server Edition. Settings, notifications, credentials, and even saved games, among many other things, will all synchronize between apps on different devices.
  10. Edge Browser – The new browser, codenamed “Spartan,” is set to replace Internet Explorer. The Edge browser will have deep integration with Cortana. She will show you the weather from the URL bar and maps, menu information, and contact details when you search for restaurants.

Do Get in Touch if you want to go ahead with this upgrade. This might be the only FREEBEE you ever get from Microsoft!

¹ The benefits of Windows 10 Pro may vary slightly depending on your hardware platform, etc.